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Do you want to enhance your skills for the future, get qualified with national and internationally recognised qualifications or professional development that will get you into your dream job and lifestyle sooner, awesome then we can help! The Australian Global Institute offers high-quality programs that are designed to exceed your expectations and prepare you for tomorrows careers in Australia and around the world. We provide specialised programs in study and job areas that are unique and in demand for today and in the future.

About your student Visa

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Australia is known as the land down under with a safe and outdoor lifestyle. AGI has campuses in the most fabulous locations, the Gold Coast famous for its sandy beaches and water activities and Sydney famous around the world as Australia’s gateway, cosmopolitan city with an incredible lifestyle. The best training in the best places!

So, find the course that is best for you, contact or apply to AGI and we could soon see you here on a student visa studying in these dream locations!

About your student Visa

About your student Visa

To study in Australia you will need a visa and all applicants for a student visa must show they are coming to Australia temporarily to gain a quality education. It is essential to understand the requirements to study in Australia before you apply for a visa. The purpose of this visa is to allow international students to undertake full-time education and training in Australia (20 hours per week). This visa enables a student to:

The minimum requirements for this visa are:

• Enrol with the Australian Global Institute (AGI) as a full-time student, and obtain written confirmation of this enrolment from AGI.

• Genuinely intend to complete the relevant period of study in Australia (genuine temporary entrant
letter (GTE). For more information check:

• Have the required level of English language proficiency unless exempt (English speaking countries). Need to learn English first? No problem, we work with English pathway colleges.

• Have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the period of your intended stay in Australia (options provided by AGI)

• Have access to sufficient funds to cover your return airfares, tuition fees and the cost of living in Australia.

Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

Students can arrange their own accommodation. This can include homestay where meals and accommodation are provided, share accommodation or leased accommodation as well as term options.

Check the following sites for information:

Work in Australia

Work in Australia


Please refer to ATO Website.

Some recommended sites when trying to find work are:

The Weather in Australia

The Weather in Australia

Public Transport

Public Transport

Our campus location has easy access to public and private transport.

The public transport network:

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

International students studying in Australia must have health and medical insurance for the length of their student visa from an approved OSHC provider.
Living in a new culture can be both an exciting and challenging experience. If you feel lonely or stressed there is plenty of support available for you.
Dial 000 from a landline or mobile phone for an ambulance, fire brigade, and police services. (The costs of ambulance services will be covered by your OSHC

Cost of living

To stay in Australia you must have enough money to pay for all expenses during your stay. This includes your travel expenses, course and cost of living including:

Education expenses
Return flights

For more information and an estimate on the cost of living in Australia, go to:

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